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Hi, How can we help you?

What services can I request from TAS?
TAS can facilitate all your flight needs, including generating flight plans, obtaining flight and landing permits, arranging and coordinating all ground handling and fuel, catering services, crew assistance concerning visas and immigration, hotel booking and transportation among others.
Which countries does TAS provide aviation services to?
While we mainly operate at all Egyptian airports, through our connections and partners we can provide services wherever you may require.
Can TAS provide credit facilities for fuel and ground handling?
Yes, TAS offers credit facilities on a case by case basis under certain conditions.
Which types of flight are handled by TAS?
TAS handles all types of flights - Business Jets, Ambulance, Commercial, Cargo, Embassy, Military and Charter flights among others.
What is the procedure to open an account with TAS?
You simply have to contact our Commercial department (via e-mail, fax or phone) or submit a registration form online and our representative will get back to you as soon as possible.
Can I get rebates if I send volume requests?
Yes, TAS offers loyalty rewards for every payment received on time, be it in permit support, ground handling assistance or fuel services.
How can I settle payment for the services requested?
You may send it via wire transfer (prepayment) or by credit card or cash and we will be soon offering online payment via our website. Alternatively, for opening a credit account you can contact us for more information.
Does TAS have any branches outside Egypt?
No, we have representative offices in Paris, France and Moscow, Russia.
Do you provide passenger special services?
We provide all passenger special services such as handicap pax, UM, VIP lounge, VIP transportation, pre-check-in and meet & assist. We can also accommodate any special request you might have.
Do you have a catering storage area?
How fast can TAS obtain over flight and landing permits?
This depends on the country and the availability of information. Usually, for most countries, TAS can obtain permits within 24 hours. Some countries require more time, and that will depend on the nature of the flight.