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9 May, 2017

A new study revealed that of the major commercial airlines, your odds of arriving to your destination on time are greater with SunExpress (Turkey) and Belavia (Belarus). Both SunExpress and Belavia received a 4-star rating with Annual OTP of 89.71% and 88.8% respectively. SunExpress ranked 4th in the report and the second highest low-cost airline, while Belavia came in at 8th. Other notable mentions are Adria Airways with 85.55% Annual OTP ranked 24th, Luxair closely followed at 28th with 84.87% and finally Onur Air Tasimacilik A.S. came at 94th with 75.93%. TAS is very proud to have been a part of and contribute to this extraordinary success. Air travel intelligence company OAG, from the UK, has ranked the most punctual airlines and airports in the world for the period from October 2016 to March 2017. For the report, only airlines and airports with a minimum of 600 operations per month were considered and only those able to provide flight status information for a minimum of 80% of scheduled flights within a 12-month period were included. Airlines and airports, whose punctuality is in the range of 90-100%, receive 5 stars in the rating, 87.5-89.9% - 4 stars, 83-87.4% - 3 stars, 80-82.9% - 2 stars and 75-79.9% - 1 star. The rating is published twice a year - in April and October. We are proud for such a great privilege to work with such esteemed companies such as SunExpress and Belavia to make the top 10, where we work on time and handle with care in our Egyptian stations to ensure they meet the highest OTP targets.